App Development

iPhone, iPad, and more

DiSalvoTech is your Orlando source for app development. We can design, develop, create, and test your custom iPhone and iPad application. We provision phones, create certificates, and submit the applications for approval on the iTunes App Store. We do a wide range of iPhone and iPad application development.


Personal Project Consultant

Hire DiSalvoTech as your personal iPhone or iPad project consultant. There are many complex steps to creating and launching iPhone and iPad applications. We're experts at the process and can easily assist every step of the way.


Web Development

Powerful dynamic design

DiSalvoTech adds the personal touch that many customers are looking for when creating a new website. Our proven process includes a detailed consultation, custom graphic design, site structure selection, and dynamic content management. Monthly support plans are also available.


Fast modern webservers

DiSalvoTech offers monthly and annual website hosting plans from $10 per month. Server tools include PHP, Webmail, MySQL, SFTP, and much more. Using the Debian Linux Operating System and vServer management technology allows us to provide our clients with a fast, secure, and modern platform.